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Information & Applications » Application for Certification of Fitness to Practice Law » Certification of Fitness Application Instructions

In order to be eligible sit for the bar exam, you must first receive certification of fitness to practice law. The first step is to submit a Fitness Application. Your fitness to practice law will be investigated by an Application Analyst based on the answers you provide and additional facts discovered in the course of the investigation. Upon completion of the fitness investigation, your application will be presented to the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants for a determination of your fitness to practice law.

The second step is to submit a Bar Examination Application, which registers you for a particular exam. Only applicants who have been issued and currently hold a valid Certification of Fitness are eligible to register and submit a Bar Examination Application.

    Answer all Questions in the Application

    You must answer all questions in your application completely. You will not be able to submit your application if you do not address any critical warnings or if your answers are incomplete. You will upload all documentation after you file your Fitness Application by using the "Upload New Document" button in the lower right hand corner of your homepage. All documents must be in PDF format. Your analyst will let you know which documents are needed.

    Contact Information

    Most correspondence regarding certification of fitness (including the investigation of your Fitness Application) will be communicated with you via your user homepage. The e-mail address you provide is the address that the Office of Bar Admissions will use to notify you that a message or other correspondence has been sent to your homepage. The Office of Bar Admissions may also use the provided address for other correspondence purposes, and it is your responsibility to check your homepage for those communications. Any mailed correspondence will be sent to the address you provide. If your contact information changes, you should update your online profile information by clicking "Edit Personal Info" on your homepage.


    In order to be certified as fit to practice law, the Board requires that an applicant shows a record of conduct that justifies the trust of clients, adversaries, and courts. The hallmark of such a person is honesty, especially in connection with the application for admission to the bar. Full and complete candor is required.


    Click here for complete fingerprint instructions.

    Driving Records

    For each jurisdiction, including Georgia, in which you have a held a driver’s license during the last 12 months, you must submit a certified copy of your official driving record. Your driving record(s) must:

    • be obtained from the Georgia Department of Drivers Services or the issuing agency in the applicable state;
    • include your name and other specific identifying information;
    • include records for the maximum number of years the state provides; and
    • be dated not earlier than 30 days prior to the date it is submitted.


    Applicants who are not U. S. citizens or do not have Permanent Resident status in the U. S. must print, complete, and submit the Nonimmigrant Affidavit and any other required documentation.

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Of particular interest to the Fitness Board is whether applicants have dealt honestly and responsibly with their creditors. Specific criteria regarding the handling of financial obligations is addressed in the Policy Statement of the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants. The deadline for the submission of the required documentation is May 15 for applicants for the July bar examination and December 15 for applicants for the February bar examination.

    Criminal Offenses

    You are required to file personal narratives, police reports, and court documents for all criminal and DUI offenses.

    Deadlines for filing the Application for Certification of Fitness

    In order for your Fitness Application to be considered timely filed, your application must be submitted and your filing fees must be received. Credit card payment (Mastercard or Visa only), money order, or cashier's check made payable to Office of Bar Admissions must be received in the Office of Bar Admissions by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date. You can find more information about deadlines and fees here. Applications for Fitness for Admission on Motion without Examination do not have a deadline.