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Requesting Nonstandard Testing Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is the policy of the Georgia Board of Bar Examiners to provide nonstandard testing accommodations (NTA) for the bar examination to qualified applicants, to the extent such accommodations are timely requested, reasonable, not unduly burdensome, consistent with the nature and purpose of the examination, and necessitated by the applicant's disability. To apply for an administrative accommodation (for example to bring otherwise prohibited items into the standard testing room such as diabetic supplies or food), please submit an administrative accommodation form found here.

Accommodations awarded in law school DO NOT guarantee accommodations on the bar examination. This is particularly true where the applicant is requesting accommodations based on an ADHD diagnosis.  A testing disability determination is made on a case-by-case basis and is dependent upon legal, procedural, and medical definitions (in addition to your medical professional’s diagnosis, your past history, the extent of any cognitive impairment, and diagnostic testing).


Deadlines for submission of all NTA requests

You do not need to have current certification of fitness to submit NTA forms. Note for the July bar exam, the deadline is before score release for the February Exam.

Bar ExaminationDeadline
FebruaryDecember 1
JulyMay 1


All requests must be received by the Office of Bar Admissions by the posted deadlines of December 1 for the February exam and May 1 for the July exam. All requests for accommodations are submitted to independent consulting experts of the Board of Bar Examiners for review and recommendation. After the deadline, there is simply not sufficient time for the Board’s consulting experts to review all documentation and make appropriate recommendations. You are encouraged to submit as early as possible.

Initial Requests for NTA

All NTA requests must be made on the appropriate forms, which can be found here. All first-time petitions for testing accommodations must include the following four components and are not considered submitted until all four components are received by the Office of Bar Admissions.

  1. Applicant Request for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations – FORM A (Must be completed by the Applicant).
  2. Certificate of Medical/Psychological Authority - FORM B (Must be completed by a Physician, Psychologist or Professional licensed to diagnose and treat the applicant's disability). This form must contain a request for specific accommodations and include all evaluation reports or tests.

    The Board requires recent testing and/or evaluations to be submitted with Form B, typically within the past five years for any attention/learning/psychological disabilities and within the past one year for non-permanent physical/visual/hearing disabilities.

  3. Certificate of Nonstandard Accommodations – FORM C (Must be completed by an official from the applicant’s undergraduate or graduate institution, an official of a national standardized examination (e.g., ACT, SAT, or LSAT) for which the applicant received testing accommodations, or an employer who provided the applicant with accommodations). The applicant must provide certificates for all previous accommodations granted during the applicant’s undergraduate or graduate studies and prior employment.


  4. Authorization for Release of Information - FORM D (Completed by the Applicant authorizing the release of records from the applicant's medical and/or psychological treatment providers for the purpose of determining whether the applicant is a qualified individual with a disability).


Renewed requests for NTA

If you were approved for nonstandard testing accommodations on a recent Georgia Bar exam and wish to receive the same accommodations, you must submit a Renewed Petition for Testing Accommodations (Form E) found here by the deadline stated above.

If you wish to apply for accommodations beyond what was previously granted, you must submit a new request for nonstandard testing accommodations (Forms A-D).

Please note that based upon the date of the latest submitted evaluation or testing performed by your treatment care provider, you may be asked to submit more recent testing or evaluations in order to continue to receive accommodations.

Submission of Forms

Submit all forms and documentation together in ONE submission, either by attaching the submission in a single PDF to an email directed to or by mail to:

Nonstandard Testing Accommodations
Supreme Court of Georgia
Office of Bar Admissions
Nathan Deal Judicial Center
330 Capitol Avenue, SE, Suite L200
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Applicants will receive notifications via the Office of Bar Admissions portal and by email. Please send all questions to