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As directed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the Board of Bar Examiners does not allow applicants to bring food, snacks, or drinks of any kind other than water (in clear plastic unlabeled bottles) into the examination room. Applicants who want authorization to bring into the examination room only an assistive device such as diabetic supplies or food, a lactation pump, or lumbar support cushion, or applicants who may need special seating arrangements due to a medical condition, must submit an Administrative Accommodation Request Form to the Office of Bar Admissions. You may be asked to provide documentation to support your request. If the request is granted, the Office of Bar Admissions will send you a letter approving the request which must be presented to the Office of Bar Admissions Staff at the examination site.

Click the link, Administrative Accommodation to view specific information and to access the Administrative Accommodation Form. The completed Administrative Accommodation Form MUST be received in the Office of Bar Admissions no later than December 1 for the February Bar Examination and May 1 for the July Bar Examination.