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February 2023 Bar Examination Results Have Been Released

To view the list of applicants who passed the examination, click here. To view statistics for the February 2023 Bar Exam and prior bar exams, click here

Rules, Procedures, and Instructions for the July 2023 Bar Exam

The Rules, Procedures, and Instructions for the July 2023 Bar Exam have been posted. You can find them here.

Anticipated Score Release for February 2023 Bar Exam

All MPT, essay, and MBE answers are accounted for, and grading has begun for the February 2023 Bar Exam. We anticipate that score release will be on May 12, 2023. Applicants should ensure that the contact information they have on file with the Office of Bar Admissions (including email, phone, and mailing address) remains current through score release. To review and update contact information, applicants should click “Edit Personal Info” at the top of their homepage.

Row Assignments for February Exam

Row assignments for standard-time applicants are below. (Applicants with nonstandard testing accommodations have received an email from Rebecca Mick with information about where to report.) The rows are clearly marked inside the Exam Room, and individual name cards on each table will let you know where to sit. If you are a standard time applicant and do not see your name below, you have not registered to take the exam. If you forget your row number en route to the exam, rest assured that we will also post row and seat numbers on bulletin boards in the lobby of the conference center. (We do not anticipate that you will need your seat number given that you will see your name on one of the tables in your row, so please do not stress about seat numbers.)

We highly recommend that you take another mock exam using the Examplify software over the weekend or on Monday. Doing so should help to ensure that nothing has happened to your laptop in the time since you took the last mock exam that will cause you problems on Tuesday. Taking a mock exam close in time to the Bar Exam will also refresh your memory about Examplify's features.

Stay calm and finish this race. We look forward to seeing you (on time!) Tuesday.


[The row assignments for the February 2023 exam are no longer available. Congratulations to everyone who completed the exam!]

Laptop registration is closed for the February 2023 Bar Exam

Update: Laptop registration has now closed. All applicants who registered to sit for the February Bar Exam but failed to register a laptop have been emailed about handwriting the exam.

Applicants who have registered to take the February 2023 Bar Exam can now register a laptop with ExamSoft. Registration will remain open until February 2 at 4 p.m. (Eastern Time). Applicants received an email from with laptop registration instructions, and ExamSoft will continue to send instructions every week through the laptop registration deadline. Applicants who need technical assistance should contact ExamSoft at 888-816-3065. Applicants who registered to take the Exam but who fail to register their laptop and take the mock exam by the February 2 deadline will not be permitted to use their laptop to take the Exam.

Amendments to Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law

Effective November 1, 2022, the Supreme Court of Georgia made several amendments to the Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law. The amendments changed many of our application fees as well as the late filing deadlines for the Bar Exam Application. You can review the new deadlines and fees here, and you can see all the amendments here.