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Certification of Fitness

Admission to the Practice of Law in Georgia
Admission to the Practice of Law in Georgia is a two-step process that requires the submission of two separate applications with separate deadlines.*
1.  Application for Certification of Fitness to Practice Law in Georgia;
2.  Bar Examination Application; and
3.  Your application will not be considered filed until all required fees have been received in the Office of Bar Admissions before 4:00 p.m. on the posted deadline.
An applicant must receive Certification of Fitness to Practice Law to be eligible to submit a Bar Examination Application.
*Excludes Admission on Motion

Application for Certification of Fitness

In order to become eligible to take the Bar Examination in Georgia, an individual must receive Certification of Fitness by the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants.  Read More »

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Law Student Registration Application

Recertification (Renewal of Certification)

Certification of Fitness to Practice Law shall expire five (5) years after the date of issuance (See Part A, Section 11 of the Rules). Read More »



Admission on Motion

Fingerprint Requirements

You must submit your fingerprints to this office through the Georgia Applicant Processing Services (GAPS) Program as soon as possible but not later than 30 days from the date you submit your Fitness Application. Read More »


Foreign Law Consultant

Processing the Fitness Application

The following is a general overview of the stages involved in the processing of the Fitness Application. Read More »




Bar Exam Application

File an Amendment to your Fitness Application

Applicants are required to update their Fitness Application online within thirty (30) days of any occurrence which would change the answer to any question on their application. Read More »

Foreign Law Consultant

Admission of Foreign Educated Applicants with LL.M for the Practice of Law in the United States

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Making the Mark - Character and Fitness for Admission to the Bar

We all know that lawyers must pass a bar examination in order to practice law. However, future lawyers must first receive Certification of Fitness to Practice Law before they are eligible to sit for the Georgia bar examination. Read More »

Bar Exam Application

Foreign Law Consultant

Licensure requirements for Foreign Law Consultants. Read More »

Law Student Registration Application