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All persons who wish to file an application with the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions must first create a personal account on this website.

Personal Information

Type your full legal name. Use appropriate initial capitalization (not ALL CAPS or all lowercase).


If you do not have a middle name, you must check the box below.


Social Security Number:

If you do not have a social security number, you must check the box below.

Date of Birth:

Additional Information

  For more information about NCBE numbers, please click here.

E-mail Address

We primarily communicate with applicants electronically rather than through the mail.

It is your responsibility to:
  1. Maintain a current email address on this registration page.
  2. Add to your email address book and ensure our emails are not filtered as spam.
  3. Regularly read all email.
  4. Regularly visit our web page.
You are charged with knowledge of all communications sent to the email address you provide on this registration page.

Mailing Address

All paper correspondence will be sent to this address, including your Certificate of Eligibility to Practice Law.

Telephone Numbers

US 000-000-0000
US 000-000-0000
US 000-000-0000